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Business Intelligence

Digital BI Solutions
Digital BI focuses on helping clients collect and analyze external and internal data to generate value for their organizations. 
From Business Intelligence, Analytics, Balanced Scorecards to Dashboards and Reporting, our solutions can be customized to meet your specific company needs.

We build our BI platform on three main pillars:

Performance Management
There are three critical components of performance management: monitoring, analytics, and planning. With Digital BI all three are brought together to help give employees the information they need to make informed decisions. Quickly and easily create dashboards and scorecards, so that employees can align with departmental and organizational goals. Our BI solutions lets you share reports and analysis, and collaborate with colleagues to provide the ability to leverage information from big data to achieve breakthrough insights.

Reporting and Analysis
Equip your employees with reporting and analysis tools and technologies that will help capture the structured and unstructured information they use to make decisions. Easily create reports and perform detailed insightful analysis. Pivot functionality and slice and dice lets you look at data different ways and drill down to explore trends. Our solutions are easy to use and will aid in replacing other reporting tools for a lower cost of ownership.

Advanced and Predictive Analytics
More and more Government and private sector companies are using Business Intelligence for advanced and predictive analytics. Companies that apply predictive analytics are more likely to outperform their peers. Our custom BI solutions – which include automation, self-service and platform simplification – enable your employees to plan, forecast, monitor, analyze, manage and continuously improve data related to business performance.

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