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Location : St Augustine, Trinidad W.I

Position Type : Full-Time

Category : Technical

Title : IT Systems Administrator

Purpose:We are seeking an experienced Systems Administrator to develop and maintain our technology infrastructure including hardware, networking, operating systems and applications. The successful candidate will also maintain information technology strategies by researching and implementing technological strategic solutions.

Responsibilities :

Install and maintain Windows Servers. Research and maintain Active Directory, Group Policies, DNS, DDNS, and DHCP services. Install and configure patches, firmware, drivers, and utility software.

Monitor all server machines for usage and disk space issues.

Monitor network performance and security using available hardware and software solutions.

Respond to network/server outages.

Maintain and test the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Responsible for the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of SharePoint solutions internally and at client sites.

Configures and checks server backups and restore procedures on a fortnightly basis for Internal and External Servers.

Manage user accounts, permissions, Group Policies, and access rights for Active Directory and various software applications.

Maintain communication equipment and software.  This includes Cisco routers, WiFi routers, and Ubiquiti Access Points.

Maintains VPN network.

Create software images and clones fully configured workstations.

Interface with management and employees to accurately access PC hardware and software needs and to recommend options and implement solutions.

Install and maintain PC hardware such as processors, memory, network cards, monitors and printers.

Install, maintain, and support PC applications and Windows operating systems.

Provide training for employees in general usage of PCs as well as software applications. This includes both packaged and custom software.

Initiate research and development for new technologies.

Responsible for troubleshooting, monitoring and assigning helpdesk request from existing applications.

Attends specification meeting with project team workers to determine scope, risk and limitations of project.

Keep up to date with manuals, periodicals, and technical reports to learn ways to develop programs that meet user requirements.

Analyzes, reviews, and alters systems to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.

Assists users to solve operating problems. Recreates steps taken by user to locate source of problem and alters program to correct errors.

Provide Technology Consultancy for any client or project upon request.
Requirements :

Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

At least 5 years’ experience in IT Systems/Network Administration and Help Desk Support.

Working technical knowledge of current network hardware, protocols, and standards, including TCP/IT, Wireless 802.11 and IT security procedures

Strong analytical, problem-solving, and conceptual skills.

Ability to work in teams and has strong interpersonal skills. 

Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Ability to deal with clients and travel to project sites. 

Possess good organizational skills

Ability to anticipate potential problems, determine and implement solutions.
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