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With the evolutionary mobile industry taking the globe by storm it is of utmost importance to have the right software and programs to take full advantage of these hi-tech products. Digital Business offers custom mobile app development services for iPhone, Windows, Black Berry and Android operating systems. We use cutting edge technology in the creation of these apps that are on par with industry standards.

Digital Tassa App

The Digital Tassa App is the only Tassa App that is officially and exclusively endorsed by the Trinidad and Tobago Tassa organization. This innovative app features instant access to the range of the Tassa family including the Dhol (heavy Bass Drums), Tassa Drums and Cymbals. The app provides an immersive environment to experience the vibrant and tantalizing sounds of this unique percussion instrument. 


Prayer Deeya

Prayer Deeya/Diya allows you to interact with a traditional Deeya/Diya/Deya on your phone/tablet while you listen to mantras dedicated to each of the nine (9) Hindu Gods and Goddesses included in the app.


Digital Pan App

Digital Pan allows you to not only virtually play the traditional steelpan/steel pan (national Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago) on mobile devices but it also allows you to select from a large array of additional options which include recording your songs, playing background tracks while you play the pan, learning the musical names of the notes on the steelpan, playing the steelpan using the built-in piano keyboard, keeping a list of your favorite recordings and much more...


Password Generator

The Password Generator generates l33t (leet) speak passwords randomly selected from a large English wordlist. Passwords are generated from the random shaking of device rather and the current millisecond time, rather than from pseudo (fake) randomness. Password length and complexity can be changed for more secure passwords, or you can generate the password from a custom word (such as a person's name).

Diwali Diya

Discover the beautiful and realistic Diwali Diya App. This app allows users to have a virtual Diya on their mobile or tablet device. You can light and extinguish the Diya, change the type of Diya from a wide selection of diyas, add beautiful backgrounds as well as select a devotional song(bhajan) music to play in the background while you interact with the app.


NATO Translator

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translator allows you to translate sentences into their NATO alphabet equivalent. Use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to spell out important information as in your full name, postal code, street name, phone number, etc. For example, in English the letter 'A' translates into the word 'Alpha' in the NATO Alphabet Phonetic Language. The letter 'B' would be translated into the word 'Bravo' and so on.

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